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If you are facing criminal charges, the freedoms and privileges you enjoy every day may be on the line. You could potentially end up in jail, paying enormous fines to the government, barred from certain living arrangements or career opportunities, being monitored closely by the state, and other highly undesirable realities. We don’t want to see your quality of life harmed, so call us immediately following an arrest. We will examine the details of your case and advise you for moving forward.


Even though they are technically less serious than felonies, misdemeanor convictions can still significantly impact your life. You could spend up to a year in jail and be subjected to heavy fines. Whether you are facing charges for drugs, theft, or anything else, we have the experience and skillset necessary to defend you. Don’t gamble with the quality of your criminal defense — contact our firm today.


Felony charges are simply not something to approach cavalierly. A felony conviction can carry jail sentences of many years, or even life in prison or the death penalty. We say this not to scare you, but to ensure you understand the gravity of the situation. Attorney Ronald S. Clement has decades of criminal defense experience and has successfully protected countless clients from terrible legal outcomes.

Don’t Waste Any Time — Call Our Firm Immediately

Time is of the essence when you are facing criminal charges. The more time we have to build your case, the better. We can also advise you how to proceed now, whether you are in police custody or out awaiting trial. The steps you take now will absolutely influence how this process goes, so it is vitally important you contact us as soon as possible. We offer a judgment-free environment and are unafraid of tackling any case, no matter how hopeless you may be feeling. We are here for you.

Ronald S. Clement Attorney At Law can protect your rights during a criminal trial. If you are facing charges and in need of reliable criminal defense, contact our Greenville office today at (864) 233-6225.