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It is illegal to possess, manufacture, distribute, or sell drugs in our state, including marijuana. If you have been charged with the possession of a controlled substance, you could be forced to endure harsh penalties that negatively impact your life for many years to come. The legal team at Ronald S. Clement Attorney At Law has over 45 years of combined experience defending the rights of the accused in the Upstate region and are eager to do the same for you.

Felony Drug Possession

Most first-time drug possession charges are tried as misdemeanors, but repeat offenders or cases with large amounts of scheduled drugs result in felony charges. A second (or third, fourth, etc.) possession charge will be tried as a felony if you are found in possession of the following, plus other less commonly used drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • LSD or other hallucinogens
  • Prescription drugs
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opiates

Felony Possession Penalties

It depends on which drug(s) you are caught in possession of and how much of each you had on you, but most felony possession charges are punishable by up to $5,000 and five years in jail for second offenses, and up to $10,000 and five years in jail for third or fourth offenses. Possession of cocaine is punishable by higher fines and prison sentences.

Get The Representation You Need

Your best bet for avoiding jail time, huge fines, and a permanently marred criminal record is to quickly retain the services of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney with clout in the Upstate area. Attorney Ronald Clement has been defending the rights of his clients in court for many decades and can provide you the representation you need during this trying time. Don’t delay in getting help — call our firm today.

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