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Visitation is an important piece of the overall divorce and custody puzzle. Visitation rights can apply to both parents, regardless of who has custody. For example, a noncustodial parent may still be awarded visitation, but even if both parents are awarded custody, there must be an agreed-upon and valid visitation schedule in place to ensure the child is properly cared for regardless of the time of day or year.

We can help you devise a reasonable visitation schedule that you hope to have approved in court. We can also represent you if you feel your visitation rights are being negated or ignored. Whatever the issue, it is imperative you show up to any hearings fully prepared and with a plan.

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At Ronald S. Clement Attorney At Law, we believe all children and parents should be afforded time to spend together. Whatever happened between you and your spouse should not result in your suffering without access to your children. We have over 45 years’ combined experience and will help you in every way we can to preserve your visitation rights.

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