Effective Family Law Attorney Helping Greenville Families With Adoption

Adoption is the legal process of becoming solely responsible for the upbringing and well-being of a child (and in some cases, adults) that can happen at any age. There are many reasons for adoption; many people who cannot or do not want to have their own children adopt babies and older children. In other instances, a biological parent passes away or determines they cannot handle the responsibilities of child-rearing and someone else needs to step in. Perhaps you married someone with a child from a different relationship and you and the child want your bond to be legally recognized after many years. Whatever your specific circumstance, we can help you navigate the legal aspects of this process.

Problem-Solving For You

Whether you are working with an adoption agency or directly with the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child, adoptions can be long and bureaucratic, and you need to prepare for a complex and challenging process. There will be legal  hoops to jump through that require extensive documentation and evidence. We can help you gather everything you need and check things off the list until your child can come home with you.

We're Here to Help

Ronald S. Clement Attorney At Law has many years of experience helping Upstate region families get through the bureaucratic adoption process. Contact our Greenville office today at (864) 233-6225 to schedule an initial consultation with a patient and knowledgeable lawyer.