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Trespassing on another’s property is a criminal act punishable in all 50 states and leaves a dark mark on your record. Employers are wary of hiring people convicted of trespassing and you could spend up to 30 days in county jail for a first-time trespassing charge. If you have been arrested for unauthorized entry on someone’s property, it is crucial you contact Ronald S. Clement Attorney At Law as soon as possible.

What Is Considered Trespassing?

It is illegal to enter any portion of someone’s property against their wishes. This applies to all property types, including residences, commercial establishments, and privately and publicly owned land. Generally, the property owner must have denied you permission to enter, asked you to leave, or posted a “no trespassing” sign in order for a successful trespassing charge to warrant conviction. Simply stepping onto someone’s property without being told not to is typically not considered trespassing. However, if you took great lengths to gain access, such as scaling a fence or climbing in through an open window, you could very well be charged with criminal trespassing.

Criminal Defenses For Trespassing

There are several approaches we could take when arguing your case. We may be able to provide enough reasonable doubt that you were aware you were trespassing and have your charge dismissed. We could also successfully argue that you meant no harm and caused zero damage to the property. Each case is unique, and we will use all of our vast resources to build the best defense for you.

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