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Going through a divorce is rarely a straightforward process, especially when children are involved. Not only are you facing major decisions about how to equitably end your marriage—you are also tasked with determining with whom your child will live and for how long. The custodial parent—the one with whom the child will reside for the majority of the time—may be entitled to receive child support payments that go towards the costs associated with raising the child. Ronald S. Clement Attorney at Law understands that child support negotiations and disputes can be heated, so we are here to help you identify your goals and develop a solid strategy for achieving a fair and successful outcome.

Determining Child Support in South Carolina

In general, parents who are not awarded custody will be ordered to pay some amount of child support to the parent who is tasked with the majority of the child-raising duties. A judge will carefully consider a range of factors before determining the exact amount of child support that the non-custodial parent will owe. Such factors include your monthly income, your earning potential, the needs of the child (such as private tuition or expenses related to a chronic health issue), and the standard of living before the divorce. To learn more about how courts in South Carolina calculate child support payments, reach out to us today.

On Your Side

While some parents are able to negotiate a child support agreement through a more collaborative process, sometimes individuals must appear in court to present their cases to the judge. If your case involves a Guardian Ad Litem or other court-appointed official, we have experience working with such professionals and we will help you understand their role in the process. Whether we resolve your child support matter outside of the courtroom or we fight hard to make your voice heard in front of a judge, you can trust that we will vigorously defend your best interests and strive to obtain a favorable outcome. If you are ready to work with an experienced and committed family law attorney, reach out to Ronald S. Clement Attorney at Law right away.

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