Greenville is the county seat of Greenville County in the state of South Carolina and is located in what is known as the Upstate region, away from the coast. Approximately 68,000 people call Greenville home and was ranked as the fourth fastest growing city in the U.S. between 2015 and 2016.

A Brief History

What is now known as Greenville was once inhabited by the Cherokee native American tribe and settlers were forbidden. That changed in 1754 when Richard Pearis, a wealthy settler from Virginia, came to the area and began trading with the Cherokee. He ultimately conceived a child with a Cherokee woman and was granted 100,000 acres of land on which to make their home. During the American Revolution, Pearis sided with the British, causing the Patriots to burn his plantation and jail him as a traitor. His land officially became the site for the city of Greenville after the war in 1786.

Greenville Today

Modern-day Greenville is an aesthetically-pleasing city nestled in the green hills and forests of South Carolina. Its location on the Reedy River supports a vibrant river walk area populated with trendy restaurants and boutiques. Bob Jones University and Greenville Technical College are located in Greenville, as well as the Greenville County Museum of Art, Hughes Library, and the Fluor Field at the West End, which is the home of the Greenville Drive baseball team, the Class-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

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